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Highland, IN Dental Office – James Lipton, DDS

When you visit our Highland dental office, you will be cared for by a team of dental professionals who are here to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, while changing your mind about the dental experience. Dr. Lipton and his entire staff continually seek new ways to provide the best and most personalized care to meet your needs.

Dentistry from the Heart

Our office is a judgment free zone – whether you’re an anxious patient, you’ve had bad experiences with past dentists, or you’ve waited a long while to seek care for your teeth and are embarrassed with the state of your smile, you’ll find our team to be genuine and sympathetic.  Dr. Lipton and his staff help patients look forward to a future of improved health, wellness, and a transformed smile.

Part of our focus on compassionate dental care is helping patients understand that they are not alone. We work in partnership with you, to soothe anxieties and repair your smile. With 33 years of experience to his credit, Dr. Lipton is able to help patients with poor self-esteem over damaged teeth and diminished oral health regain confidence and health. The dental rehabilitation process at our Highland dental office is a joyful, transformative experience in which our whole team is involved and invested.

Changing Smiles and Lives for the Better

With cosmetic and restorative dentistry, Dr. Lipton can care for patients whose teeth have been weakened or damaged by decay and disrepair, to create impeccable, healthy smiles. By emphasizing patient education, we can provide the tools you need to better care for your teeth at home and enjoy a healthier smile for years to come. Our Highland dentist, Dr. James Lipton, helps patients change their lives and how they feel about themselves by unmatched excellence in dentistry and a soothing treatment approach that helps to calm fears.

Patients who are new to our office can get to know our team by reading online testimonials, or even by speaking with existing patients in-office to help them feel more comfortable. In many cases, our existing patients were formerly apprehensive about dental care and can assist in providing an understanding second opinion that creates positive experiences for new patients.

Correcting Long-Term Damage with Quality Dentistry in Highland, IN

Second only to patient care is our commitment to distinctive, high-quality dentistry.  Dr. Lipton has placed an extensive amount of research into treatment offerings, including materials, referral specialists, and equipment. With this level of treatment, we are able to correct long-term damage or previous, low-quality dental work. We advocate for our patients every step of the way, even when dealing with outside offices, specialists, or dental labs who are involved in your treatment plan.

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