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Full Smile Restoration with All-on-4

All-on-4 is a distinctive replacement method for whole arches of missing teeth that is specifically designed to use a minimal number of implants to support a permanent prosthetic. Dr. James Lipton is happy to help patients enjoy better health and quality of life through this unique method of comprehensive teeth replacement.

The All-on-4 Treatment Concept Difference

When seeking implant care to replace all missing teeth in your smile, you have several options available, using anywhere from two implants or an entire arch of them. All-on-4 however, is specialized to work with the least amount of implants, while still providing a permanently attached set of teeth.

All-on-4 implants are not your average implant posts either. They are designed to be longer to reach areas in your jaw where bone is most dense. As bone quality is a factor in successful implant placement and healing, this treatment process supports best possible results, especially for patients who have experienced bone loss or resorption due to outstanding medical issues and prolonged lack of natural teeth. All-on-4 full arch teeth replacements are therefore less invasive, as the need for a bone graft is often negated in this process.

All-on-4 Full Arch Bridges in Highland with Dr. James Lipton

In contrast to a denture which contains prosthetic gums and/or covers the roof of your mouth, All-on-4 can be considered a full arch bridge, making it less bulky than a full denture and designed to feel more like your natural teeth. During All-on-4 treatment, Dr. Lipton takes the following steps:

  • Diagnosis and Treatment Planning – In examining your smile to prepare for implant treatment, Dr. Lipton pinpoints areas of best bone quality, where implants can be inserted and angled to best support your new smile. This creates an optimized treatment plan that provides benefits for aesthetics, function, and overall comfort.
  • Restoration with Full Arch Prosthetics – At the time your teeth are extracted and implants placed, your prosthetics are immediately inserted. In all treatment, Dr. Lipton ensures that patients can enjoy transformations that look completely seamless and natural. With All-On-Four, we provide permanent teeth that look and feel like the patients’ own.

During the extraction of your teeth, placement of implants and prosthetics, you are provided relaxing I.V. sedation to ensure that you benefit from a positive experience and feel good about seeking our help for implant teeth replacement.

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