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Dr. James Liption Offers the Best Dental Implant Services in Highland, IN

Loss of permanent teeth is less common today, but patients who are fearful of the dentist or who have avoided dental care for years still face the problem of how to restore or replace seriously compromised teeth in their smiles.

Dr. Lipton enjoys the work involved in completely restoring patients’ smiles – taking them from the appearance of decay and damage to a flawless, strong, and attractive aesthetic. Our Highland, IN dental office is able to do this with the use of long-lasting dental implants.

Repairing Severe Damage with Implant Dentistry in Highland

Dr. Lipton is focused on restorative dentistry with dependable, durable, and natural looking prosthetics, which is why we are proud to offer patients the benefits of dental implants. Unlike long-used replacements for missing teeth, which rest on gum tissue or rely on the support of neighboring teeth, dental implants provide a stable base for attaching replacement teeth that does not negatively impact the overall health of your smile.

Implants are embedded into jaw bone, like real tooth roots. As bone merges and grows around the biocompatible titanium of the implant posts, they become as strong and as functional as your own teeth. Dr. Lipton utilizes implant dentistry to help patients achieve healthier smiles and predictably replace severely decayed or damaged teeth that require extraction, whether that is through single tooth replacement or restoration of whole arches of teeth with dental implants.

Full-Mouth Restorations Options: Implant Bridges and Dentures 

Patients who are dealing with the complications of multiple tooth loss are welcome to visit our dental office for a consultation on implant dental services that help restore health and well-being. If you’ve been struggling with the inadequacies of full or partial dentures, Dr. Lipton offers implant-based dental treatments that can help.

We provide full smile rehabilitation with the following treatment options:

  • All-on-4 – These full-arch prosthetics are fixed in place with just four dental implant posts. While traditional, non-removable, full-arch prosthetics often require a higher amount of implants, and are therefore more costly, All-on-4 is a specific treatment method that allows patients to enjoy all of the benefits of secure, non-removable teeth without the additional cost of extensive implant placement.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures – If you have removable dentures that are a hassle to wear and apply each day, or often slip out of place while eating and speaking, attaching dentures with a few dental implants provides the benefits of comfort and security that lasts all day. Your current dentures can be retrofitted to securely snap onto a few implant posts for easy removal and application each day – no more denture paste or loose prosthetics.

While traditional full-arch prosthetics may look and feel unnatural, adding dental implant posts to affix your restoration can have a life-changing difference in how your replacement teeth feel and function. Our Highland implant denture and All-on-4 patients are able to enjoy their favorite foods and feel confident knowing that their teeth are held in place by prosthetic tooth roots which are securely anchored in bone.

Let us Transform your Smile – Call for your Implant Consultation Today

Our options for single and multiple teeth replacement, as well as and smile restoration with dental implants in Highland, IN, allow Dr. Lipton and his team create beautiful new teeth for patients who are concerned about the way theirs smiles look. For more information, contact our team today.