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Sedation Dentistry in Highland, IN

Combat dental fear and anxiety with Sedation Dentistry

Patients who are afraid of the dentist, or who have had negative experiences at the dentist in adolescence and childhood, put off health care at the risk of their overall wellness and self-image. While it’s possible to take excellent care of your smile at home, patients still need to visit a dentist so their teeth can be monitored for decay or oral health problems that could cause future damage. Without adequate dental care, decay, infection, and tooth loss are common. At the dental office of James Lipton, DDS, we have seen and helped patients with a wide array of complex and problematic dental issues. We can also help these patients relax while in our office and get access to the treatments they need with sedation dentistry in Highland, IN.

Sedation for Anxious, Fearful, or Difficult Patients

With sedation, your dental visit includes medication that promotes feelings of relaxation, so that entering a dental office and undergoing treatment does not produce intense feelings of worry or fear. Sedation dentistry is particularly helpful for people who think they can’t go through dental services at all. Sedation treatment at our office can include:

Nitrous Oxide – This inhaled medication helps patients feel at-ease and is fast acting. We place a small mask over your nose and as you breathe in, you will begin to feel relaxed and calm. Nitrous oxide dental sedation can help patients with mild to moderate dental anxiety who feel comfortable enough to come into our office but may begin to feel anxious while seated in the dental chair. Nitrous is also reversible in-office through the application of pure oxygen.

Oral Conscious Sedation – For patients with more severe dental anxiety, oral conscious sedation may be most appropriate. The first dose of the medication, which comes in pill form, can be taken at home to help create a relaxing effect before you even come to our office. With the help of a companion for transportation, additional doses can be administered in-office, depending on your level of anxiety. Patients are still conscious, as with the use of nitrous oxide, but are so relaxed that they may fall asleep or feel as if they were sleeping and will not be able to recall sensory experiences of being at the dentist.

Our Highland sedation dentist, Dr. James Lipton, and his staff are compassionate and do whatever necessary to help patients feel confident in calling for an appointment and completing their dental visit. Our entire office is dedicated to continuing education and frequently completes additional training on how to best care for fearful or anxious patients.

Turning Dental Fear into Success Stories with Sedation from Dr. Lipton

We welcome patients who are compromised in terms of both their dental health and their apprehensiveness about dentistry. Dr. Lipton enjoys the challenge of helping patients to become comfortable in his office and of completely restoring their smiles and obtaining oral health. Most of our fearful patients end up becoming so comfortable with Dr. Lipton that they eventually do not require sedation to make it through their appointment. While this may seem like an impossible scenario for anxious patients, our caring demeanor and training in the art of dentistry make it plausible, no matter what issues you may be experiencing.

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Our team is happy to report that our formerly anxious patients can’t talk enough about the positive experiences they’ve had at our office. For fearful dental patients, we combine sedation with quality dentistry to ensure that everyone can have access to care that improves their health and allows them to feel good about themselves once again.